Friday, November 27, 2009

tiger woods car accident

What is Tiger Wood driving down the driveway beside the clock of 2.25 am sent, it is safe to say that he was not in the nerves to reduce the amount until the Wal-Mart opened on Black Friday.

All in the past to a conjecture. In addition, the details are not back soon as necessary. If there is an additional disadvantage of fame in 24 / 7, that's all.

Whenever there is not much in the way of news, chewing on a fake celebrities acceptable. Especially during the closure of the copies of the statement to the police helicopter and head down the pitch.

No more than worrying how timber is dropped and allowed to grow a limited life, to use its water to the mills. For someone who is known in the headlines of almost all generations is not necessary, still nothing on TV because it was bigger than a 4-iron, which are very little in terms of the shape of the cross in the project. It was spectacular, leading to escape from all sorts of problems in the way of golf course, the wood has been even better, along with the avoidance of unwanted review it. Even in a heartbeat. He has a very loyal to go around the internal contacts and consultants, an android PR incredible, and has never been associated with recourse to lawyers, either.

Fashion 2006, a process completely launder.-wood shipbuilding company that has built on its 155-foot yacht. It had nothing to do with the application of the seaworthiness of the shirt, but clearly with the unfair advantage of his reputation and photos in the delivery of advertising. It took U.S. $ 1.6 million, depending on the credentials in these circumstances, the reputation, he chose for the coating was applied to close - "Privacy" - something like a joke.

Less amusing was his impact, while the Irish took a wrong impression in the magazine, an article and photos abusive played by his wife on the eve of the boundary of the Ryder Cup in Dublin in 2006. It took almost 13 months to resolve the procedure, but eventually Wood Elin Nordegren $ 183,350 and a traditional confession.

Trevor pale, publisher of The Dubliner, the article was the bargain price, in bad taste, and gently provocative. It was and is completely false. " The inmate not desirable for the money - Elin Wood thought she would donate the money for a good cause cancer - but it certainly helped the message does not occur. When it comes to small things, they're not around wood.

This schedule, however positive forgive much? After that happens, your past to control. Speaker of the Florida Highway Patrol Kim Montes thought to house two soldiers were based in Bretton Friday morning in an interview about his accident, but was told he was dead to the world. They agreed to return for Saturday afternoon.

"We want to hear consistent, as he tells us," Montes thought.

This statement will open a similar brief. The height of his injuries are not common, but like so many numbers larger than life, as a replacement for mining speculation, lack of turn, no more fuel. More than one television commentator began Fretting personal injury could slow from wood, and especially their search for Jack Nicklaus record of 18 major championships in one race. That is forgiveness? Passes are for prospects in those days.

Speculations say that breaks my heart was not yet enough for golf.

"Right at any time, we believe this is an accident at the crossroads. Do not think that will be issued a home," Montes thought, answering questions from reporters. "I know that is not everywhere so the appearance is made. They did not tell us."

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