Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why did Marjorie Orbin murder Jay Orbin?

Why did Marjorie Orbin murder Jay Orbin? Was it in favor of the love of Larry Weisberg?

“48 Hours Mystery” has the tape on “Diary of a Showgirl”. Marjorie Orbin was the showgirl stripper who was married 7 period. Ms Orbin was 35 years old after she was married in favor of the seventh moment. Orbin stayed in Las Vegas in 2004 and became a housewife. Orbin’s wife, Jay Orbin, suddenly went missing in September 2004. Mr Orbin’s private and associates were concerned re him but Marjorie didn’t appear to be upset on his loss.

A a small amount of weeks anon, Jay Orbin’s body was found in the Las Vegas desert. Orbin was decapitated and his limbs were missing. Orbin’s body was mutilated and set aside in a wide Rubbermaid container.

Marjorie Orbin was arrested after capture on film evidence showed she bought the wide Rubbermaid container to restricted Mr Orbin’s torso. Ms Orbin’s after that boyfriend, Larry Weisberg, testified to she killed Mr Orbin. Weisberg wanted to save himself and slice a deal to let alone settled trial. Ms Orbin was tried in favor of the murder of her wife and convicted. Ms Orbin was sentenced to life in prison. Orbin serves moment in the Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who was Jay Orbin and how did he link Marjorie? Orbin was a salesman who got hooked subsequently watching Marjorie achieve in Las Vegas. Jay and Marjorie dated and got married. Ms Orbin gave birth to their son named Noah.

The producers of the small screen list, “48 Hours Mystery”, gave Ms Orbin a capture on film camera to manipulate after she was jailed.

Ms Orbin made her prison capture on film diaries. Orbin recorded her testimony of how Weisberg killed Jay Orbin. Ms Orbin claimed Weisberg made a daze visit to her residential home while her wife was in and present was a fight. Weisberg killed Mr Orbin and threatened to murder her teenager. Ms Orbin believed she was put on to be and cover up the crime.

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